February 19, 2020

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Stop Icing Your Arm

February 19, 2020

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“Calorie counting, Eat less/Move more” DOESN’T WORK

For many of us, trying to make improvements in our health, lifestyle, and nutrition, we feel like it always comes with great sacrifice and struggle. We have all been through it before … “Monday it starts! More workouts, No cheat days, 100% clean eating! I’ve got my calorie-count app ready!”


Fact 1; The last 20 years conventional weight loss advice has called for eating less and moving more.

Fact 2; Over the past 20 years, weight gain rates have exploded.


In 1959 a study estimated a 98% failure rate with only 2% of caloric restriction dieters were able to maintain only a twenty-pound weight loss for two years.


Women’s Health initiative followed over 50,000 women for seven years. One group increased exercise by 15% and reduced caloric intake by an average of 360 calories a day. Another group changed nothing. The weight difference between the two groups was less than 2 lbs and the exercise/caloric restriction group actually grew an average of half an inch on their waistline over a year period.