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APEC strives to enhance the overall physical health, fitness, and quality of life for our patients and community by providing high quality and cost-effective treatment. APEC's highly skilled and trained staff includes Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Chiropractic Physicians, Athlete Trainers (ATC) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) - all working together to help return you to functional and sporting activities. 

Common Conditions Treated : 

Low Back Pain

Sprained ankles and knees

Rotator cuff injuries

Plantar fasciitis

Surgical/non-surgical repair of meniscus tears

Achilles' tendonitis

ACL reconstruction

Patella-femoral pain syndrome

Tennis elbow

Hip bursitis

Degenerative disc disease (neck or back)

Muscles strains & tears

Joint Replacement



Your personalized treatment plan focuses on short and long-term goals, progression, and interaction with your referring physician. Our highly trained staff concentrates on the integration mechanics of the musculoskeletal system, ensuring optimal recovery. We emphasize patient education and future injury prevention.


Our chiropractic physicians focus on treatment and prevention of disorders of the nuero-musculoskeletal system. Emphasizing manual and manipulative therapy for the treatment of joint dysfunctions.


Dry Needling utilizes acupuncture needles to treat trigger points, myofascial pain, tendonitis along with many more musculoskeletal injuries. The technique is a Western Medicine approach that can expedite improvements with increasing range of motion, activating muscle fiber, and decreasing trigger point pain.

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