Test your DNA to unlock the best you.   

APEC and Athletigen have partnered to help you understand what makes you or your athlete unique. 

We all share DNA, but it’s the subtle differences that make us unique. Whatever your goals, we can help you make the most of your genetic foundation.

Tens of thousands of genes, infinite potential. You have it in you to harness your genetic foundation to live your best life. As the science evolves, we’ll help you understand what your DNA means for you.

Your DNA is complex, but understanding its impact doesn’t have to be. We combine your personal results with actionable insights from trusted experts at Athletigen and others, like Dr. Kelly Starrett at MobilityWOD, Olympic coaches, and your team at APEC to help you take your health and performance further.

Pictured are example pages from a real DNA report covering human performance, nutritional insights, and injury risk/prevention. These reports come with over 100 pages of invaluable details that will help you optimize your personal performance and avoid injuries. 

Are you ready to take out the guess work? 

Continue down your path to precision training with APEC + Athletigen. This discounted bundle includes:

Athletigen DNA Collection Kit

  • This easy-to-use swab will unlock the power of your DNA so you can improve your nutrition, performance, and recovery.

ALTIS Sport Performance Report

  • Developed in partnership with the Olympic coaches at ALTIS, get expert advice and recommendations based on your DNA that will help you optimize your training and performance.

Optimum Movement and Recovery Report

  • Developed in partnership with Dr. Kelly Starrett and the experts at MobilityWOD, this is your DNA-fuelled guide to recovery and injury prevention.

Nutrition Report

  • With insights for over 40 nutrients, Athletigen's Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

After you get your reports, schedule an appointment with an APEC coach to create a plan of action specific to your genetic makeup!


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