The Bridge Program is a training system created to take a post physical therapy patient from “released” to “return to play”.

At APEC we look for breakdowns in your chain reaction bio-mechanics
that could have contributed to the original injury in addition to aggressively rebuilding everything
involved. Instead of sitting to the side as a “hurt” athlete, you will be working to improve ALL facets
of dynamic athleticism while also carefully progressing your injury.


Upon completing rehabilitation join a progressive, dynamic, and high speed training environment before full integration into competition.


Return to your life sport with the ultimate goal of a healthy, active, and positive lifestyle through scientifically and research based progressive programs.

Why the Bridge Program?
There are too many things that are out of the control of the surgical, rehabilitative and performance coaching staff ’s grip while they work individually. Integrating ALL of us as a team ensures the best possible outcome for any post-operation patient.

Getting Started
1 . Contact APEC and set up direct communication from your doctors and rehabilitation staff on things the client is in need of,
areas of concern, or movements to avoid.

2 . Schedule and complete an assessment. APEC will analyze the data and install a personal program in an application on your phone.

3 . Excel in your personal Bridge Program while also integrating into our dynamic sessions with supervision of our team.

4 . Complete the Bridge Program by transitioning fully into our dynamic training systems.

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