Certified: Applied Performance Enhancement Coach

Are you tired of attending countless certifications that teach you skills but never how to put it all together? This EXCLUSIVE certification was formed to give coaches vision on how to blend your knowledge into a PROVEN system for training and business.  APEC is targeting the human performance practitioner seeking knowledge and credibility in the performance and fitness realm. At APEC we believe in executing the proper application of science, coaching (physical/psychological), training environment and culture to facilitate results at every level. Originally, APEC was hired to create a certification for the Nike World Headquarters. We developed a holistic certification to help bridge the gap between the textbook, training floor, and realistic constraints that every coach deals with in the performance and fitness industry. After launching the CAPEC process at Nike in September 2015, we are opening it up to the public only 2 times per year and limited to 20 spots. Those that become certified as an Applied Performance Enhancement Coach will have the knowledge to appropriately train pre-kindergarten through professional athletes, and adult clients for any performance or aesthetic based goals. Credential will read: John Doe, APEC. To earn the APEC credential one must complete the online precertification manual and test, an in person 4 day practical at our world class facility, and finally a post practical exam to complete the CAPEC course. 


This certification’s approach is researched, evidence-based, and field-tested on over 10,000 clients in our 10+ year history. The  emphasis is the appropriate application for each of the following demographics/levels:


  • Pre K - 2nd grade

  • 3rd grade - 5th grade

  • 6th grade - 8th grade

  • 9th - 12th grade

  • College Athlete

  • Professional Athlete

  • Adult Fitness


APEC coaches will understand how to make group training more personal and how to turn personal training sessions into a system for their clients. APEC will teach you the principles, strategies, and techniques that apply to your performance groups and personal training clientele. APEC coaches will learn how to think outside the "box" to diversify thier product and give high-end clients what they are seeking. APEC coaches will learn how to maximize thier facility for performance and fitness alike. At CAPEC those interested will learn the business isde of performance and how to make things work for YOUR situation and goals. Click on boxes below for more information on our CAPEC instructors. 



What CAPEC coaches get:


*Once accepted you will be given access to the online pre-certification manual. In this manual you will work through updated, in depth material online with check for learning at the end of each module and/or section.


*CAPEC Binder to put downloadable content and notes.


*Online videos in each module.


*Practical held at World Class APEC facility


*4 days of a Practical with over 26 hours of lectures, demonstrations, workouts, programming, etc. (Thursday, Friday, Sat till noon)


*Optional Wednesday night business discussion round-table


*Custom Nike CAPEC Bag, Shirt, and official accredited certificate of completion.


*Professional photography during every CAPEC event for your own use.


*Workbook for on-site practical with important documents and room for notes.


*Check for learning online test after the practical.


The certification process is three parts:

  • Online Pre-Certification study material & exam

  • Practical administered by APEC staff in a 4 day format

  • Post-practical test to complete certification













Pre-Certification will focus on concepts and broad elements of APEC systems. We want you to have a clear understanding of APEC philosophies as well as how and why we do what we do at APEC. For Example: You will familiarize yourself with our system of core development which is broken into 6 categories: Anti-Rotation, Rotation, Dynamic Core, Core Stability, Dynamic Stability, Functional(vertical core). The multiple choice test will prove that you are in fact ready for the practical.


CAPEC Practical administered at the world class APEC facility is the most valuable and applicable piece of the CAPEC process. There will be lectures, training, and testing of each coaches movement competency. Coaches will learn how to maximize a training space for performance and fitness. Coaches will learn and experience a diversity of movements, progressions, and ways to implement strategies for their clientele. Coaches will walk away with a systems view that maximizes training and business.












CAPEC is LIMITED to only 20 participants.

Cost of this EXCLUSIVE course is $2500 (5 payments of $500)

Please fill out application below.

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